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SiteScan Broken Link Checker 2.3


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SiteScan Broken Link Checker
Spider websites to find slow or broken links, view SEO meta-data and measure performance.

SiteScan is a Windows desktop utility to spider websites for slow and broken links (including the HTTP response 404 not found error). It quickly crawls and validates all web pages, images, file downloads, email addresses, style sheets and JavaScript as well as intranet linked content.

From a starting URL SiteScan will spider your entire website, checking both internal and external links. It will verify all hyperlinks are accessible, well formed and responsive. Crawl results are displayed in real-time on an interactive grid for easy data analysis. Page, file and link problems are color-coded to indicate severity complete with client or server HTTP status codes and error messages.

Detailed meta-data is collected for each HTML page or file checked, including: response time, page referrers (inbound links), server or meta-refresh redirects, email addresses, scheme/protocol, page title, meta description, image alt text, web server type, http status codes, html body load-time and whether links are internal or external to the site (or sub-domain) being analyzed.

Website crawl results can be grouped, filtered, sorted and exported to Excel for further analysis. Existing reports can be quickly refreshed without the need for re-spidering. Scan results are color coded and easily filtered to focus in on broken links and performance problems or simply to review site meta-data, such as page titles and descriptions.

A detailed page-by-page breakdown provides access to view all page or file properties, in-bound and out-bound links, images with alt text, style sheet and JavaScript file references as well as email addresses. A built-in source-code previewer helps to visually locate and highlight hyperlinks and images directly within the HTML source.
Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, WinServer
SiteScan Broken Link Checker
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Author: ByteShift Ltd
License: Shareware
Price: $49
File Size: 13.3 MB
Downloads: 41

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